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The Boston ArtScience Prize fosters opportunities for experts working across diverse fields and disciplines to act as mentors for urban teens. The ArtScience Prize jury, made up of internationally-recognized artists, entrepreneurs, curators, scientists, and designers, provide teen participants with critical feedback as their ideas develop, and offer models of innovative, collaborative professional practice to Boston Public High School students. As they evaluate students’ ideas-in-progress to select ArtScience Prize semi-finalists and judge polished project proposals to select a winning team, the jury acts as a resource for teens who wish to pursue their ideas beyond conceptualization to realization.

ArtScience Prize jury members bring a broad range of expertise to the competition, and have opportunities to contribute knowledge and guidance to students and program staff from their own areas of expertise. Each summer, jury members were invited to participate in a brainstorming session with David Edwards and the ArtScience Prize team to create the “seed ideas,” which form the basis of student participants’ engagement with innovation around the annual theme. Jury members’ insights into the creative processes of art and science inform teen participants’ explorations throughout the competition, facilitating teens’ developing mastery of the tools of critical inquiry, academic research, and artistic creation.

2011-2012 “Virtual Worlds” ArtScience Prize Jurors

Leire Asensio-Villoria
Architect, ansensio-mah, Harvard GSD

Lynn Chang
Violinist, Longwood Symphony Orchestra

George Fifield
Director, Boston CyberArts Festival

Ruth Goldman
Environmental Consultant, Ruth Goldman Consulting

Michael John Gorman
Director, The Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin

Dan Hunter
Founding Partner, Hunter Higgs LLC

Mathieu Lehanneur
Designer in Paris

David Mah
Architect, David S. Mah Architect, ansensio-mah

Elisa O’Donnell
Organizational Innovation Expert

David Rabkin
Vice President for Innovation, Strategic Partnership, and Sustainability, Boston Museum of Science

Ra’ad Siraj
Managing Director, The Boston Company

Anne Slinn
Executive Director for Research, MIT Center for Global Change Science and MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change

Becky Smith
Water Organizer, Clean Water Action

Doris Sommer
Director, Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University

Nita Sturiale
Studio for Interrelated Media Department, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Clara Wainwright

Jason Weeks
Cambridge Arts Council, Executive Director

Debra Wise
Artistic Director, Underground Railway Theater

Lisa Wong
Doctor and Violinist, Longwood Symphony Orchestra


Each ArtScience Prize site draws on local resources and the assets of partnering organizations and individuals to best support program participants and to provide unique opportunities for partners to give back to talented young innovators. Boston’s partners range from funders, to organizations and corporations that share resources, to individuals who visit the program as guest experts and long-term volunteers. In a variety of ways, these partners help ArtScience Prize teens to dream big and achieve new heights in their personal and academic development.

To learn more about partnering with the Boston ArtScience Prize, please contact Program Coordinator Kris Price at

Current Partners

Office of Mayor Thomas M. Menino
A champion of cutting-edge pedagogies being explored to ensure that Boston’s youth are ready to lead in their future endeavors, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino has been an avid public supporter of the ArtScience Prize since its public unveiling in 2009.

Boston Public Schools
In the inaugural SY2009-2010 programming year, the ArtScience Prize worked closely with Boston Public Schools district and school administrators and instructors on program planning, outreach, and implementation to pilot the program exclusively with BPS high school students in an after-school setting. Since then, the partnership has grown to include in-school classes, platforms for student recruitment and support, and more.

Boston Private Industry Council
The Boston Private Industry Council is a public-private partnership that connects business, the Boston Public Schools, higher education, government, labor, and community organizations to create innovative workforce and education solutions. PIC partners with the ArtScience Prize to facilitate the program’s internship pairings and to provide career preparation support for teen participants, including résumé development seminars and mock job interview sessions.

Boston World Partnerships
A non-profit organization created by Mayor Thomas M. Menino to promote Boston as an international capital of innovation, Boston World Partnerships helps business leaders worldwide understand and access Boston’s competitive advantages. BWP partners with the ArtScience Prize to facilitate connections, networking opportunities, and high-profile public connections that provide unique resources for teen program participants.

Funding Partners

To learn more about becoming a funding partnering of the Boston ArtScience Prize, please contact Director Dishon Mills at


Boston Public Library

Youth Design Boston

TERI College Planning

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