Selected teams from ArtScience Prize locations around the world and leading universities travel to Le Laboratoire each summer to participate in an intensive 5-­day idea development workshop. At the workshop, students interact with international experts and other students from other ASP and Idea Translation Lab sites visiting from around the world. During the workshop students work on art and design development, business plan development, intellectual property, presentation skills, prototyping with designers and team-­building that will facilitate translating their ideas further.

The ArtScience Innovation Workshop invites the public to experience the creative process that drives innovation and value in culture as in industry, society, and education as a fusion of art and of science producing tangible – if transient – art and design outcomes. These outcomes or “works-in-progress” result from experiments conceived of and led by leading international artists in collaboration with leading international scientists. Le Lab is a kind of off-Broadway, or pre-museum, aiming to catalyze change in culture, industry, society and education with partners who invest in the exploration process more decidedly than in the guarantee of any outcome this process might produce.

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