In 2009, Kris Price joined the core staff of the Boston ArtScience Prize, a free, year-long after-school competition through which high school students develop innovative art and design ideas informed by concepts at the frontiers of modern science. Due to significant interest and demand, during the next five years the ArtScience Prize program expanded to 22 sites around the world, including cities across the United States, Asia, Europe, and Africa. While Kris helped to run and staff the flagship and R&D lab in Boston, he also worked with the rapidly expanding, now international ArtScience Program program network on all aspects of program implementation, including mentor and administrative training, regimented support during program initiation, and ongoing support as programs encounter growing pains.

Now based at Le Laboratoire Cambridge, an art and design center for creativity, innovation, and learning that doubles as the new base for the ArtScience Prize’s Home Office, Kris continues to support the maturing ArtScience Prize network while tackling local programming of a different nature – art, culture, and education events that utilize the various spaces at Le Lab to present innovation in its various forms to our growing community. A music, film, and writing aficionado, and former publisher, Kris seeks the triumph of impulse over system.